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Pacific Coast Marine Habitat Information


This site provides access to information and geospatial data related to marine habitat off the West Coast.  Much of the data presented here were developed and compiled in support of the Pacific Coast Groundfish Essential Fish Habitat Environmental Impact Statement (EFH EIS). Review information about marine features such as seabed characterization (soft, hard, canyon, etc.), water depth, latitude, and general maps of estuaries, shorelines, and biogenic habitat (e.g. corals, kelps).   To assist policy makers and the public participate in ecosystem decisions, an interactive mapping tool is featured.  Without the need for GIS software or expertise, users can zoom-in to map layers of interest at various scales to answer such location-specific questions as:  "Where are the rocky reefs and kelp beds near my town and are there specific management rules that apply to these?" The site also provides access to the wealth of information collected through the EFH EIS process, including detailed information about each of the 82 groundfish species (including rockfishes, flatfish, sharks, and fish such as lingcod and sablefish), economics, and fishing regulations in marine managed areas.  Scientists and other users can obtain the GIS data itself and link to documents and other useful information through this site. The fish and economic data are related primarily to groundfish species such as rockfish, flatfish, sharks, and fish such as lingcod and sablefish. For information about salmon and other anadromous and resident in-stream species, please visit our partner projects StreamNet and CalFish.  PSMFC also develops and maintains data on commercial and recreational fish catch, economics, and other topics.  Please visit our home page for more information: http://www.psmfc.org/

Most of the products available here have been prepared by and/or funded by NOAA Fisheries, Northwest Fisheries Science Center.  This information was developed to assist the Pacific Fisheries Management Council in preparing the EFH EIS.  Work on the EIS was managed by the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission.

The Pacific Fishery Management Council selected a preferred alternative for the draft EFH EIS, on June 15, 2005.  A Final EIS fully describing and analyzing the preferred alternative was published in December of 2005. 

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