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Species Life History Descriptions

Species Life History Descriptions

The National Marine Fisheries Service has compiled extensive information about the 82 species of groundfish managed by the Pacific Fishery Management Council. The document, Groundfish Life History Descriptions, contains information on the range, fishery, habitat, migrations and movements, reproduction, growth and development and trophic interactions for each of the species. This version of the document was updated and included in Appendix I of the Final EFH EIS that was published in December of 2005.

Certain elements of this information were captured in the Pacific Habitat Use Relational Databse (HUD) so that habitat data could be queried by both species and habitat and be used in scientific analyses to define Essential Fish Habitat, Habitat Areas of Particular Concern (HAPCs) and fishing impacts for the Pacific Groundfish EFH EIS.

The Habitat Use Database is updated regularly and will soon be accessible via the internet.  A link to the database will be provided here at that time.

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